AMD CCC Wont Start After Driver Update

If you have installed an updated graphics card driver via the AMD Catalyst package & found the Catalyst Control Center no longer starts you may have run a foul of a very annoying and very old problem AMD (formally ATI) have not been able to fix.

At some point files critical to AMD/ATI graphics cards in Windows will be deleted either through some foul up by the Catalyst un-installation process, corruption of the update process or through third party driver cleaner, these files come with Windows and are not part of the AMD Catalyst package yet AMD’s own driver will not warn you these files are missing and will install away giving you the broken CCC.

How to remedy – run from a command prompt sfc/ scannow and check Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.txt to see if it find missing ati related files, if so then they need to be restored.

Option 1 – Do a repair install of Windows 7 (or any other version of Windows that this can be done to), this should restore the missing system files.

Option 2 – Manually replace the system files, thanks to this individual for his guide.

So, I had to copy/replace manually these files:
In %SystemRoot%\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository, you need :
[dir] atiilhag.inf_amd64_* or atiilhag.inf_x86_*
[dir] atiriol6.inf_amd64_* or atiriol6.inf_x86_*
[dir] nv_lh.inf_amd64_* or nv_lh.inf_x86_*

In %SystemRoot%\winsxs, you need :
[dir] amd64_atiilhag.inf.resources_* or x86_atiihag.inf.resources_*
[dir] amd64_atiilhag.inf_* or x86_atiihag.inf
[dir] amd64_atiriol6.inf_* or x86_atiriol6.inf_*
[dir] amd64_nv_lh.inf.resources_* or x86_nv_lh.inf.resources_*
[dir] amd64_nv_lh.inf_* or x86_nv_lh.inf_*

In %SystemRoot%\winsxs\Manifests, you need :
[file] amd64_atiilhag.inf-languagepack_*.manifest or x86_atiihag.inf-languagepack_*.manifest
[file] amd64_atiilhag.inf.resources_*.manifest or x86_atiihag.inf.resources_*.manifest
[file] amd64_atiilhag.inf_*.manifest or x86_atiihag.inf_*.manifest
[file] amd64_atiriol6.inf_*.manifest or x86_atiriol6.inf_*.manifest
[file] amd64_nv_lh.inf-languagepack_*.manifest or x86_nv_lh.inf-languagepack_*.manifest
[file] amd64_nv_lh.inf.resources_*.manifest or x86_nv_lh.inf.resources_*.manifest
[file] amd64_nv_lh.inf_*.manifest or x86_nv_lh.inf_*.manifest

To do that, I used this guide to extract the files of my language.
Then I used this guide to take perimission to delete some of the above files that I wasn’t allowed to.

I would also add run from a command prompt sfc/ scannow and check Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.txt again to see if it finds any missing files.

Alternate fix method:

This is the other way of fixing the CCC wont start if your lucky as it’s not as bad as the above.

  1. Download GAC View and run as admin, this browses the global assembly cache of windows.
  2. Search for 90ba9c70f846762e and delete every instance of ATI’s key.
  3. Re-install the Catalyst driver and the CCC should work as normal.

If the ATI token does not appear in the cache then you must use the driver repair method.

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