Firefox 4 restoring Firefox 3 UI

So as a very long time user of Firefox before it was even called that, I have become accustomed to it’s UI and how it works. Firefox 4 introduces a major shift in the UI which I cant say is to my liking as an old school user. Here are some basic tips in making Firefox 4 behave more like v3 particularly removing the transparency effect, although I do like it in explorer I run Firefox maximized and find the effect distracting.

Tabs on bottom – this one is easy just right click on the toolbar and select “tabs on bottom”

Restore menu bar – this again is easy just right click on toolbar and select “menu bar”

Disable transparency/aero/glass effect – the easiest way is to use a persona the light skins for Firefox. The persona’s OS Integration, Minimalist One or Firefox Minimalist are all a good match.

Restore the status bar – download the status-4-evar extension, this will put back in the status bar at the bottom of the screen

Adjust the navigation toolbar buttons – just right click on the toolbar and select customize from this you have from left to right : Arrow buttons : Reload: Home : anything else you prefer after that.

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