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Firefox 4 restoring Firefox 3 UI

So as a very long time user of Firefox before it was even called that, I have become accustomed to it’s UI and how it works. Firefox 4 introduces a major shift in the UI which I cant say is … Continue reading

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AMD CCC Wont Start After Driver Update

If you have installed an updated graphics card driver via the AMD Catalyst package & found the Catalyst Control Center no longer starts you may have run a foul of a very annoying and very old problem AMD (formally ATI) … Continue reading

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Blu-ray/DVD/HD-DVD to MKV

This is my short guide on converting a Blu-ray/DVD/HD-DVD into a MKV video leaving the video intact but converting the audio into regular AC3 to increase compatibility as software players and standalone devices that support MKV still seem to have … Continue reading

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